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HackademIQ is a curriculum development company that works with licensed and accredited educational institutions to ensure that their curriculum meets the needs of their employer markets and oversight agencies. Advising and assisting institutions regarding proper implementation and support of curriculum, HackademIQ uses an approach that is created for the accredited and career-focused environment.

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How does HackademIQ partner with Hussian College?

Most bootcamp providers take one of two approaches to full-stack web development bootcamps; sink or swim, or the big tent approach.

In a sink or swim model, the curriculum is designed on the premise that only people that are predisposed to look at the world like a coder, can be successful as a coder. These models commonly develop a high rigor curriculum that requires extended in class time (e.g. 8 hour days) with no time in between classes to practice what you learned or, more importantly, what you had difficulty with. This can result in a student that is consistently behind and graduates unprepared, if at all. Educators in this category apply a sink or swim, survival of the fittest mentality.

In a big tent model, the focus turns more to bootcamps as a business and less as a tool to train high-quality full-stack developers. Providers employing this model tend to lower the rigor of the back-end portion of their curriculum substantially and the front-end moderately. More students have the ability to complete these bootcamps, but to what end? The majority of the graduates in this model fail to have the skills employers commonly associate with a full-stack developer. If the employers don’t think you are a full stack developer, are you really a full-stack developer?

HackademIQ’s approach is neither sink or swim or big tent. HackademIQ provides consistent and focused support customized for each student to increase their likelihood of success in a challenging program. Further HackademIQ works to make students workplace-ready by the end of the program. HackademIQ began developing its curriculum by learning what employers want in their full stack developers. It built upon common understandings of full-stack development foundations by adding the skills or repetition that employers identified. HackademIQ continues to assess employer needs periodically to assist its institution partners in updating the curriculum to ensure market relevance.

The HackademIQ curriculum development team includes expert computer science educators and working web development professionals. HackademIQ works collaboratively with individuals at partner institutions in order to ensure that the curriculum meets the institution’s accreditation standards and other requirements. Lastly, HackademIQ trains the instructors on the curriculum to ensure consistent and effective delivery.

Program Preparation/Structure

Other than perhaps winning the lottery, nothing life-changing is easy. This is a difficult program. Becoming a developer is supposed to be difficult. You must take it seriously and be motivated on a daily basis to succeed. However, it has been designed to help those succeed that are willing to put in the time and focus to do so. HackademIQ calls it the “rising tide” model. As long as your boat doesn’t have a hole in it (e.g. failure to prepare, failure to attend, failure to practice, failure to avoid texting your friends in class, etc.) your boat will rise with this tide!

This bootcamp is designed to:

  • Help students who prepare prior to the start of the program by spending time sufficient to familiarize themselves with the basics of coding (contact Hussian College’s program team for more on preparation)
  • Show up on time to all classes
  • Understand where they need more help and practice
  • Use the resources that are built into the program remediate deficiencies and practice the skills taught in class

Understanding that this is a difficult process to follow in an eight-hour a day schedule, Hussian College offers part-time classes to give you time to learn this new language while practicing and maintaining other commitments.

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Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) is a recognized accrediting agency by the U.S. Department of Education.