Projects and Case Studies

Hands-on learning experiences with real-world relevance

Hands-on learning experiences with real-world relevance

The best way to learn and retain information is to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Our programs provide you with ample opportunities to apply the skills you’ll need to know in the workplace to project-based learning experiences.

What’s more, we’ve designed these learning experiences to have many of the same issues you’ll face on the job: you don’t always have all the information you need before you start, for example, the objective of a project may change while you’re mid-coding. You’ll have to creatively solve problems on the fly, not just follow a set of instructions. As a result, you’ll be more confident handling the unexpected when it happens in the real world.

The following examples reflect projects you may undertake in your certificate, depending on which program you choose.

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  • Project #1: Human Resource Content Management System

    The first project focuses on the front-end aspects of development to let you apply your knowledge of the basics. You’ll develop a page that tracks academic credentials and information for students and faculty in the class. You can build the back end for this project as you advance to back end development.

  • Project #2: Investment Brokerage Website

    This full-stack project unites basic and advanced skills in both front-end and back-end development as you build a fully functional investment brokerage site from the ground up. Your finished product will simulate trading and track portfolio performance for multiple users.

  • Project #3: Designing a Set-Top Box Interface

    Build a more user-friendly interface for a television/cable set-top box, beginning with wireframes and, if time allows, digging deep into code that integrates multiple external APIs. We’ll keep some requirements open-ended, so you have latitude to come up with novel solutions.

  • Project #4: Capstone Project

    Build a project of your choice to demonstrate everything you’ve learned over the last sixteen weeks. Work alone, in a pair, or in a small team to produce something amazing.

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A Challenging Environment – Just Like the Workplace

Our project-based learning is rigorous and intense, and you’ll need to be ready to seize the opportunity with both hands. Find out more about what a day at the bootcamp is like.

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